To provide education to the public in regards to Pregnancy and Infant Loss and provide support to families who have experienced the tragic loss of a child. We provide bereavement assistance to hospitals and their staff to ensure that families receive the best possible care for any birthing outcome. We will also accept donations which goes toward our goals of placing at least one Cuddle Cot or Caring Cradle within every hospital in the state of Ohio.

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Our Story

The Ohio Cuddle Cot Campaign was started on June 14th, 2018 by Taylor Cottle in Dayton, Ohio. Taylor was called to help other families after her experience with the stillbirth of her daughter, Hadley Janae, on July 27th, 2016.

Donations have been given to the
Ohio Cuddle Cot Campaign in honor of the following:

Isla James Coleman

Savannah Faith Gower

Willow Grace Gower

Lincoln Matthew Herman

Hadley Nicole Kellerman

Harper Ann Kerlin

Ava Kerr

Greta Kerr

Alayna Lynn Kreitzer

Lacy Mae Meadows McClellan

Sawyer Elton Raponi

Carmen "Little Bean" Raponi

Hadley Janae Sanders

Oliver Talbot-Tyrell Sargent

Elizabeth Fay Welch