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You Can Make a Difference

Your support is important to our work at Ohio Cuddle Cot Campaign. There are many ways you can contribute towards our causes, and every little bit that you commit goes a long way in helping us fulfill our mission.

Make a Donation

The Ohio Cuddle Cot Campaign always appreciates the generosity and involvement of people like you, with every contribution giving the gift of time and support to a family going through the devastating loss of a child. Thank you!

Mail all donations to:

Ohio Cuddle Cot Campaign

P.O. Box 751351

Dayton, OH 45475

Make all checks Payable to:

Ohio Cuddle Cot Campaign

Click Below to be taken directly to PayPal

Due to legality issues, if you wish to make a tax deductible donation -- we can only accept donations via Check, Money Order, or Credit Card. If you wish to make a cash donation, please be aware that they are not tax deductible.

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