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Certificate of Birth Resulting in a Stillbirth

As a bereaved parent, nothing is more important that the affirmation that your child exists and that your state of residence recognizes your child as a person. Talk with your local Vital Statistic office (generally this is located within your Health Department) to see if your state offers a CBRS. 


The Grieving Parents Act was passed on September 12, 2008 thanks to the efforts of 
State Senator Kevin Coughlin (R - Cuyahoga Falls) and Melinda Wiles (God's Little Angels). 


The funeral home will need to file the fetal death certificate along with a statement of facts from the OB. 
The statement needs to include three important points: 

  • Confirms the woman was pregnant and subsequently suffered a fetal demise of less than 20 weeks gestation. 

  • The date of the miscarriage. 

  • The signature of a physician or coroner confirming the facts.

Once this information has been filed with your local health department, they will send it to the State of Ohio Health Department and a Stillbirth Certificate can be requested by the mother OR father (see below for the application process).


Click the photo below to be taken to the application for a Stillbirth Certificate

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